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Downtown Portland Escape Rooms

Zombie Znacks: 60 Minutes to Get Out of Our Zombie Escape Room

zombies coming for those in portland escape room

PRICE PER ESCAPE ROOM PASS: $35  or  $50 for Private

3-8 Players

You and your team will be locked in the quarantine room with a real, live- or, KIND of alive – zombie chained to the wall. Every few minutes, at random, some sick, twisted individual – watching you on camera – will hit a button that loosens the zombie’s chains. For this reason, it is imperative to work together quickly to escape this room. You have a limit of 60 minutes because our zombie does have to eat, after all.

Quick! Use your problem-solving and team-work to get away from this zombie.

Can you get out?



Alien Abduction: 60 Minutes to Get Out of the Alien Escape Room

ufo in the woods, which you have to escape

PRICE PER ESCAPE ROOM PASS: $30  or  $45 for Private

4-10 Players

Portland’s only COMPETITION Escape Room Game! You can go through as a single team up to 5 players- OR 4 to 10 players can COMPETE and play against each other to see who gets the best time! Your team has been abducted by alien beings from an unknown planet. You wake up trapped inside a bizarre room where you are being held captive. Luckily the aliens have just left to go find some more humans to abduct before they leave our planet- you have 60 mins to try and escape before they return to their ship, leave earth and begin experimenting on you and your team!