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What is an “Escape Room“?

Escape rooms are fun, challenging, real-life gaming experience scenarios in which you figure out how to escape a themed room by solving puzzles and putting clues together. In short,  you have to use logic, investigative and problem-solving skills to put together the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room! You do not need strength, agility or any kind of specialized skills in order to play. Learn more about escape rooms from your peers on Quora.

What really makes the escape game – variably called “escape the room games,” “escape games,” “escape room games,” etc – is the themes. At Xtreme Xscape we are proud to present an intense, one-of-a-kind LIVE zombie escape room experience, and an Alien Abduction room which is Portland’s only competition escape room challenge!

You could call our motif horror-inspired or Halloween.

Xtreme Xscape Public and Private Bookings Available!

Zombie Znacks

One of Portland’s Most Extreme Escape Room Games

You find yourself in a quarantine room, covered in blood. 

You hear something.

You see something lurking in a dark corner.

What is that?

Is that — is that a — oh no! it is! It’s a ZOMBIE!!!


It’s chained to the wall and looks hungry. Starving for human flesh.

And the sick, twisted game mistress, who convinced you to play,  hits the button to lengthen the chain on the zombie!


Quick—how do you get out of this room?!

You have 60 minutes to open the door and escape the room. Otherwise, the zombie can reach you.



Alien Abduction

Portland’s Only Competiton Escape Room Game

You and your team have been abducted by alien beings from an unknown planet.

You wake up trapped inside a bizarre room where you are being held captive. Luckily the aliens have just left to find some more humans to abduct before they leave our planet. You have 60 minutes to escape before they return to their ship, leave Earth, and begin experimenting on you and your team!

You can go through as a single team up to 5 players- OR 4 to 10 players can COMPETE and play against each other to see who gets the best time!

This Portland’s only COMPETITION Escape Room Game!


directions on how to book a room

Book an escape room through our website, under the “Book an Escape Room” tab.

Make sure to choose whether you would like a public or private room.

escape room portland directions, step 2

Download, print, and sign waivers prior to arriving on-site for your escape game.

step 3 arrive at portland escape room

Come with your signed waiver form and thinking cap on! Enjoy!

What people are saying about us...

“We’ve done a couple escape rooms before but REALLY had a different experience here- they totally take the escape room experience to the extreme, as the name would suggest- the owners were also very helpful in assisting us while trying to get a last minute booking in! We’ll certainly be back!” ….Tripadvisor

5 star rating

“Totally awesome experience!! Did it as a date night… First time and now we are 100% addicted!!”….Facebook

“By far the most fun I have ever had!! So creative and imaginative!! Zombie room is so amazing and challenging!!! Highly recommend this place!!!”….Google

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If you have any question during any of the process to play an escape room game (like concerning booking or waivers), DO NOT hesitate to give us a call.

Also, check out our FAQ to see our most frequently asked questions.

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